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BeGuru website is FREE and open to all. Our goal is to give a chance to anyone to share their knowledge through LIVE Lessons.

Signing up and you will be able to start Teaching your skills as a Guru, being known by users who will navigate our website. More classrooms and lessons you will do, more visibility you will have, thanks to all those Students that will follow you.

For this reason, we suggest you create your classroom and give new lessons that will help more and more users to learn the skills that you will teach.

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Set Your Guru Profile Page


Create Online Classrooms


Give LIVE Lessons Using Your Favorite Software


(Zoom, Skype, Hangouts … )


Interact With Students in Real Time

BeGuru is currently in a Beta Version, our project is constantly developing, at the moment, all lessons will be Free for Students and Gurus, but after this first stage of testing you can get paid for your lessons, so you will earn based on the number of people attending your classrooms.

So what are you waiting for? Join our Community! Becoming a Guru is easy, click on login and then sign up in the top-right, register by filling the details on this page and, once the account is confirmed, you can create your classroom, schedule your live lessons, and start teaching your skills.

Being this a Beta Version your participation is fundamental for us, now more than ever. We need your help to test our website!

Try it, it’s FREE and you can subscribe at any time.

If you have any suggestion just contact us at , we’ll be glad to receive your advice, at this stage any advice is gold for us.

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