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The world is changing, and within the “new normal” online training is one of the trends that is here to stay.

It was already consolidated long before, but within this climate of uncertainty, society has changed its habits, has begun to telework, and the demand for online courses, live lessons and training has increased exponentially.

Many of them decide to train in areas related to their professional environment, but a large part chooses to learn different things.Things that you had always wanted to do but never found the moment. There are also those who are taking advantage to start in the world of live courses, teaching their own lessons and generating their own community of users.

Technology plays a fundamental role in promoting these new concerns of society, since it has enabled many people to achieve their goals of teaching and learning, which brings them countless advantages such as:

Improve your personal brand, because you will show that you are an expert in the subject in a much more effective way than writing posts or articles. The videos, and even more the live content, are much more enriching and will further highlight your professional profile. It is one of the best promotional strategies you can carry out.

Be more influential on social networks. Your followers will begin to want to know more about you, and consequently, your community will grow. This will allow you to build a strategy that encompasses all your social networks, and you can spread your content in very different ways, adapted to each type of audience and increasing your visibility. In a short time you will see how your audience begins to grow thanks to your video content.

Being able to interact with your audience. By giving trainings and passing on your knowledge, you strike up a conversation with your audience in the form of questions and comments, in such a way that the relationship will be closer and you will know more about the profile of your followers. This will also help you a lot to gain fluency in public speaking and improve your speaking skills, something highly valued in the world of work today.

Being part of a community, meeting people who have the same interests as you, and who at the same time that they learn from you, you can also learn from them. In this way, you will always be receiving quality feedback and you will never stop acquiring new skills and knowledge.

Earn money. Once you have established yourself as an authority in that community of users, in Begurú you can take the next step and start generating your first income by teaching classes in a more personalized way, and become a guru. It is a very enriching and effective way to earn extra income by teaching what is good for your community of followers.

As you can see, online training opens up endless opportunities for you. Not only at a professional level, but also in any area that, as a hobby, is your passion and that you want to make known to the world.

From yoga classes, to creative cooking recipes, through ceramics, skin and hair care workshops, to digital marketing or event organization lessons. There are thousands and thousands of options to explore, with which you can start learning or start creating your own classrooms and live lessons.

We all have talent, and we should not be afraid to show it, rather the opposite! In this time of change, we have to reinvent ourselves and adapt to new trends. Live videos are, without a doubt, something that we must include in our content if we want to be relevant and keep up-to-date in the digital world.

What are you waiting for? Are you going to take advantage of this great opportunity?


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