SOCIAL LEARNING, a trend that is here to stay. All of us, personally or with a professional interest, always look for ways to improve ourselves and continue improving our skills.

Among the many forms of learning, online methodology is the one that is having the most impact on today’s society, since it breaks all barriers and is increasingly considered as an investment in the future, as well as a professional outlet for new entrepreneurs.


E-learning saves the user time and costs, while making content more accessible.

Within E-learning, we highlight a growing trend that is collaborative learning or also called Social Learning. This modality plays a very important role in this new environment in which we find ourselves, since it creates a social experience and makes the benefits collaborative, that is, that we learn with others and from others while being part of a community of users with our same concerns and interests.

Surely at some point, you will have heard of the 70.20.10 model that states the following: 70% of learning is experiential, 20% is informal, and 10% is formal learning. This gives us an idea of ​​how important it is to share knowledge collaboratively, integrating content as part of an activity that is fun for us and in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is precisely what social learning is about, being able to start a conversation between users. This interaction is essential since it makes experiences and opinions shared, enriching the content much more.

Social learning has been a revolution in training processes, among other things because the theory is internalized much better and what is called the “forgetting curve” is reduced. Typically, within hours of learning something, we forget about 50% of all content. So, when learning is more enjoyable and “social”, much better because it encourages debate and consensus of ideas among users.

Regarding this, at Beguru we believe in the added value provided by a live lesson on recorded online courses that we can find on many other platforms. It is not that they are worse, because it is clear that it provides great advantages in terms of temporal accessibility, but it undoubtedly enriches the power to interact with the presenter live, as a close relationship is generated, being able to even personalize the content and derive the debate where users have more concerns, beyond being mere listeners of a previously recorded explanation.

Our recommendation is to make use of all the tools offered by the digital environment, both to be able to visualize and to be able to share your knowledge. For example, at Beguru we connect the live lessons of our users to the main live streaming platforms: Zoom, Instagram live, Facebook live, Skype, Youtube, Twitch, Google, GoToMeeting and many others platforms.

In addition, many influencers are seeing their audience grow exponentially thanks to the publication of live videos, which mostly deal with tutorials or live courses on their areas of expertise. If you look, they announce their next live shows on their own profiles by publishing a post, or through channels and platforms like Beguru, thus having one more window of visibility that goes beyond their followers. In addition, Social Learning platforms have a great advantage, which is the power of email. For example, every time you publish a new lesson, we announce it in the newsletter that we send weekly to all our subscribers, and this give you much more visibility.

In short, this transmedia content goes one step further on the power that images used to have since video now contributes incalculable value to user profiles, undoubtedly an upward trend that is here to stay.


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